Why buy a Shaggybag?


Shaggy Bags, no matter what size, are the best foam bean bags on the market. When compared to competitors like love sac, luv sacs, lovesacks, or however you want to spell it, there is no doubt ShaggyBags own the market. Side by side the giant foam bags are very similar, however it is your wallet that hurts when you have to fork out almost double the cash to purchase a lovesack. OUCH!!! That is a slap in the face and the wallet. Don't let lovesacks "inner bag only" price fool you, they will charge you more for a cover. By the time you check out, your cost for the foam bag will be almost double what you would pay for a ShaggyBag. Why pay more for the same thing? Love sac may try to lure you in with their brand name and marketing, but why take the bait? Purchase a ShaggyBag today and start enjoying the giant foam bean bag that is "changing the shape of comfort."