Shaggy Bag - Foam Bean Bag Chair Testimonials

I love my shaggy bag. It is great to sit down and unwind from a hard days at work. I also enjoy watching a movie or a football game, while reclining in a comfortable position. My Shaggy Bag has been a great addition to my furniture collection.
Jase--Utah, USA
Comfy, Comfy, Comfy, Shaggy Bag is perfect for any dorm. I can take it down the hall or out into the commons to play some video games or watch a movie. This ensures me to have the best seat in the room.
Wil--OK, USA
The best furniture purchase I have made. When we enter the room everyone is racing to get to it. Whoever wins the race knows they are king for the night. There is nothing better than a Shaggy Bag to cuddle up on during a movie or just chilling with your friends
Rob--Indiana, USA
This is my favorite piece of furniture in my house. It is so comfortable. It is almost as big as my couch. Jerry and I can both sit on it at the same time and be comfortable. Bella loves it also. So in my house it is becoming a fight as to who is going to get on it. When my dad comes to visit you will find him on the Shaggy bag a sleep most of the time. We love our Shaggy Bag!!!
Kassie---Texas, USA
We bought ShaggyBags for our grandkids a couple years ago, and the kids love them. Some of the kids have taken them with them to college when they've moved away. We couldn't be happier with our purchase.
Bill --Grand Junction, AZ
I have ShaggyBags in my store, and they are definitely a hit. The kids stay put, and the parents get to shop. I've loved it.
Laurie --Los Angeles, CA
I have ShaggyBags in my store, and they are definitely a hit. The kids stay put, and the parents get to shop. I've loved it.
Laurie --Los Angeles, CA
My kids love their Junior ShaggyBags. They roll them from room to room and are constantly lounged on them. Finally something that is worth the money I spent. The kids use and abuse the bags and nothing happens. The ShaggyBags we bought are still in tip top shape.
Kim---Utah, USA
My 9 year old slept on a ShaggyBag at a sleepover and drove me crazy until I at least looked at the website. I decided to purchase one and she sleeps on in it every weekend. I have fallen asleep twice while watching TV. I's ridiculously comfy and soft! Her friends are all bugging their parents for one also! Smart buy! Happy Child! Happy Mom!
Holly---Georgetown TX
I shopped online for beanbag chairs forever - finally I made my decision and I have not been disappointed. The Goliath ShaggyBag has proven to be nothing but pure comfort. It is like a little piece of soft heaven has fallen to earth. I love my ShaggyBag!!!!
Jordan---Montana USA
I was skeptical at first, but my kids pushed me over the top and we purchased two Big Daddy ShaggyBags for the theatre room. I have to admit they are more comfy than my $4000.00 theatre seat. Glad my kids kept pushing... Great Bags.
Jim--- California USA
With a family of 7 seating is limited. Our goliath bag is always the first seat taken when we gather around to watch a movie. The cover is machine washable. A mothers dream. Now only if I could unzip the couch cover and wash it.
Shelly---Texas, USA
Thank you guys so much. I love my Big Daddy ShaggyBag. Never thought I would spend so much time in front of the TV gaming...oh wait yes I did, I just never thought I could spend hours on end in such comfort. Seriously, such a comfy foam bag.
Drake---California USA
Wish I would of found you sooner. My daughter absolutely loves the Junior ShaggyBag that we purchased from you.
Dawn---Washington DC
Wouldn't have been the same without my Goliath ShaggyBag, speaking of my freshman year in college. I can't even begin to count the number of nights I spent sleeping on the bag. Probably slept on the bag more than my bed. Insanely comfortable, soft and just down right AWESOME. LOVE the BAG!!!!
Jake---Washington USA
I never give testimonials, but honestly I love my ShaggyBag. It is the best piece of furniture I have ever purchased. I love to come home and just curl up and relax on the bag. It is super comfy. Thank you so much.
Jen---Idaho USA
I love the way the bag contours to my body shape. It is so so comfortable. Purchased a Big Daddy ShaggyBag 2 years ago and I still love it. ShaggyBags just treat you right can't go wrong. Purchase one and see for yourself.
Jamie---Texas USA