About Us

ShaggyBag was founded on the idea of providing clients with unmeasurable comfort at an affordable price. Widely known in Texas for its retail stores and outlets--ShaggyBag has become popular across the nation. To give you a little background lets walk through the history of the bean bag chair. The "bean bag chair" was conceived in the late 1960's by a team of Italian designers. The first beanbag chairs were filled with polystyrene plastic pellets. The "bean bag chairs" became a worldwide phenomenon and a leading icon of the 1970's. However the pellets flattened and newness of the bean bag/bag chairs wore off and they began to fade into the background of the furniture world. They were great for kids, but to small and not durable enough for adults. 

That is where ShaggyBag comes into play. We created a bag that not only was comfortable but was durable and could be used by all ages. ShaggyBags are much larger than their earlier counterparts some have described them as giant bean bags, huge bean bags, large bean bags, giant bean bag chairs, and gigantic bean bag chairs. In the late 1990's and early 2000's love sac bean bags were popping onto the national scene. The exposure of these oversized bean bags drove demand for our product way up. We were being bombarded by people wanting shaggybags, Goliath (6 foot bags), Big Daddy (5 foot bags), and Junior (4 foot bags). The one big difference between our bags and the love sac / love sacks was price. People were shocked by the low price and high quality of the ShaggyBags. 

These oversized bean bags are filled with foam for optimal comfort that last a lifetime and provides durable support. Naturally they are used as dorm room chairs and dorm room seating. The bags are extra large and make for great home theater seating. Once in the home, house, or office they quickly become the coveted seat. Today's bean bag chair is not only versatile and fashionable, but can be custom-made to meet your needs. Simple put ShaggyBags are comfortable, casual seating designed to meet a variety of needs. We manufacture ShaggyBags in many sizes, shapes and materials. Our oversized bean bags are made with washable, removable fabric covers. 

In short ShaggyBag is Changing the Shape of Comfort!!!!!! (one foam bean bag chair, love sac, foambag or whatever else you want to call huge foam bean bag chair at a time)